New Bushes

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The Project

I spent most of 3/29/03 replacing the rock garden in the center of my front lawn. The original rock garden had four bushes and a 60' tree. The tree died and had to be removed, the four bushes became three and then the three bushes died. The landscape barrier had deterorated to the point that weeds were the only thing that grew in the bed.

Since this is my first major landscaping project I made the early decision to replicate the original bed.

Materials Used

I reused 80% of the original lava rocks (a potential mistake) I purchased a flat shovel (for shifting items), four bushes, landscape barrier and 3.5 Cubic feet of new lava rocks. Used pointy shovel to dig holes, recycle bins and buckets to hold Lava Rocks.

Original Garden. Look at those thin stick-like bushes. Original Garden. Compare this image to garden20.jpg (finished project) Half of the rocks removed, the landscape barrier was in tatters. No wonder these things died, they were buried in two feet of solid clay
desolation Plants gone, edges edged, rocks in bins Compacted the clay to deter weed growth. Figuring out where to place each bush. I was tempted to leave the bushes in the pots and call it a day.
Bushes Burried. It looks like they just sank into the clay. Bushes snuggled in their new landscape barrier. Old and New rocks placed in bed. Finished Project (The dead palm in the background is -not- mine).
Finished Project (from back)

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